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What is the
Kickstart Program?









Wix Kickstart is a full-time, fully paid, two-month immersive experience, tailored to young engineers joining the Wix Engineering team. Think of it as boot camp on steroids - Wix Kickstart is an intensive training program for engineers with backgrounds in front-end, server or mobile development. The program is focused on product-to-production workflows and team collaboration, all happening in an extensive hands-on sandbox environment.

Apply today for the chance

to take part! You have until December 1, 2019!

Candidate’s Journey 



Your first step is applying for the program. We invite you to do so if you think you have what it takes.


CV screening

As soon as you submit your CV, the review process starts. If we have a match, we’ll be in touch.


Screening day
at office

Next, if your CV fits the profile, you will be invited for a screening day in our offices.


Welcome to Wix Engineering

Assuming you have passed all of the above successfully, you will join the Wix Engineering team and your true journey will begin.


It is important to keep in mind that even if you don’t get accepted to the WixKickstart program, our door is always open. This does not eliminate you from future applications. At any time, you can apply through the regular funnel or for the next program.

We Are Looking For

Mobile Developer

Server Developer

Front-End Developer

Can’t decide on the stream? Just pick any, apply and let us help you to make a choice!

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Apply to Kickstart! 

We are currently in the process of meeting candidates for the program. Are you one of them? Send us your CV! ​


We have open positions in Tel Aviv

and Beer Sheva!

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Apply today for the chance

to take part! You have until December 1, 2019!